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Drilling - boring - thread - Chamfering

We offer suitable and reliable solutions for the drilling, from the smallest to the largest diameter, for bores, thread milling, whirling or chamfering thanks to perfectly complementary tools. Our new range of high-precision micro-drills and whirlers complete our offering by providing solutions for all levels of your product manufacturing, with a wide range of coatings for all types of materials.

Our range of NC centerers, micro-drills and drills, combined with the latest generation coatings, are suitable for all your drilling operations.

Our chamfering milling bits, our multi-use and ¼-circle milling bits are used to provide a good finish combined with an impeccable surface finish.

The reamers and micro-reamers, meanwhile, provide a dimensional accuracy and a surface condition capable of meeting the highest requirements.

Finally, our range of whirlers makes a to the chosen thread according standard.