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Our action fields


Founded in Switzerland in 1916, EZI is active in all sectors of activity looking for reliable and efficient cutting tools. Whether we are solicited for tools requiring absolute precision, or for infinitely small micro-mills, we are accustomed to meeting the drastic demands placed on watchmaking, measuring instruments, machine tools, medical or even aeronautics. We love challenges, and we are ready to tailor tools or shaped parts for very specific uses or shapes, so do not hesitate to tell us about your projects!

Watches- Jewellery

Watchmaking is an area in which EZI has acquired a long experience. We work with large watch manufacturers and their subcontractors, who particularly appreciate the reliability and the extreme precision of our micro-tools, which they use daily for the machining of parts of movements, boxes, bracelets, dials and needles. Our hard metal or cermet grades and coatings are optimized to offer the best performance that contribute to the legendary quality of the leading Swiss watch brands.

Machine tools

Our product ranges find many applications in the field of machine tools, whose various constraints require very different dimensions and geometries depending on the materials to be machined such as steels, tool steels, stainless steel, titanium, nickel alloys, aluminium, or even synthetic materials. The high performance and long service life of our tools ensures efficiency and therefore time savings in production, in areas as wide as robotics or the manufacture of tools, stamps or moulds.

Precision instruments

We regularly provide solutions to companies specializing in the manufacture of measuring instruments. We realize for them wearing parts for micrometres or precision feelers requiring hard metal components, including keys, which will be able to withstand mechanical friction and oxidation. We guarantee the precision and quality of the hard metal and the choice of the right grade to withstand mechanical and chemical stresses. In fact, we are developing these grades ourselves in our workshops using carbide powder, developed by pressing and sintering.


We intervene in the automotive sector to provide tailored solutions to manufacturing requirements in bar turning, machining centres, transfer machines for the manufacture of micro motors, electric pumps or connectors. Our micro-milling bits and milling bits, carefully studied by our design office and manufactured according to suitable processes, allow the machining of parts quickly and efficiently with optimized cutting geometry, minimizing cycle time and providing maximum finished product in accordance with the most stringent specifications.


Our cutting tools are particularly popular in the field of medical equipment, where our customers rely on our coated micro-tools according to the current standards in this sector to machine for example prostheses or dental implants. In this demanding and constantly innovating environment, the precision of our micro-tools and the much studied ad equation between their coating and their geometry make it possible to obtain excellent results in the machining of often very difficult materials such as titanium, Biodur, cobalt-chromium and ceramics.


In the demanding field of connectivity, we develop high-precision tools tailored to fiber optic machining. Our end mills and drills, featuring diamond or DLC coatings and optimized geometry, ensure a clean cut without fiber alteration, meeting the strict requirements of this constantly evolving sector.